Sunday, April 02, 2006

Working out the man way!

What a weekend!

On saturday afternoon an evening I was in Coin for the SACAB Coín Spanish horseshow, which indeed deserves its own separate posting and maybe even a gallery when I get an gallery add-on sorted out for my blog. To watch those "Andalucian Pura Raza" horses was an absolute joy.

Sunday was man work day. We are in the process of building a corner sofa on our spanish terrace, and even though I am no builder, a helping hand was needed.

So girls, forget all about fancy workouts and paying for gym memberships. Do your workout the man way like I did. Carrying bricks from the bottom floor of our house up to the terrace on the second floor. Repeat said action about 30 times and you start regretting ever having offered a helping hand. Especially since it was 27 degrees on Sunday, and today my poor little office hands are suffering. Reforming your village house is no easy task.

I am starting to think I need a male alterego. So when I have to do jobs like this he takes over and comes out with stuff like "Alright mate, how is them bricks looking?". And I will swig down some beer and not care if a burb escapes my lips, 'cause I'm a labourer and I scratch my bollocks.
The biggest problems seems to be to come up with a name for my male alterego. It can't really be the name of anyone I know already, and I want it to be a short name.

So far the following names have been excluded: Joe, Dave, Jim, Colin, Keith, Ben, Stan.

If you have any good suggestions let me know.


Blogger Andrew said...

Looking forward to chilling on said terrace when it is all completed - I'm hopeless at DIY, but maybe we could do a daytrip to "Tanger" to get the fabric for the sofa cushions: oh and some nice Moroccan lanterns!

7:08 pm  
Blogger MamaDuck said...

How about Bob? As in The Builder. You could get yourself a cute yellow construction helmet, with twin-mounted beer cans and flexi-straw, and a workman's belt for your hammer and nail file. Very stylish!

4:33 pm  

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