Thursday, November 24, 2005

Olives and dew

Ok, ok, I know that my blog so far has not contained any pictures, but hey, thats all about to change.

This morning when walking the dogs in the campo (contryside red.) I was struck by how magic everything looks when the dew is lying heavy on the land.

The olives have now got my favourite colour. Not green, but not that almost black colour just yet either. Their waxy surface makes them look almost dusty and their deep purple colour is just amazing.
I have to admit that I didnt take this photo myself, but it shows the lovely colour.
What I dont want to show you is how muddy I got after taking my walk. It has been raining the last few days and the dogs where going mental running around playing and not minding the big puddles everywhere.

I bet all the readers in Nothern Europe and generally in colder and more wet areas are snickering now, happy to hear that we dont just have sun every day.
Well, we don't. But almost...he he

Don't pee on the seat...

Spanish women like cleaning. Not saying that spanish men don't like cleaning, I have just never seen any of them do it.
They like their detergents, soaps, chlorine, antiseptics and the stronger the better.
"Fuck the environment, I want a clean home where you can eat of the floor" they seem to say.

Which is why I get surprised every time I have to use a public toilet. Because it seems that the same rules dont apply here. First of all there is often a lack of soap and paper towels or other means of drying your hands . This has lead to me nicking a few soaps from hotels etc (sorry!) and then I can often have one in my handbag in case I have to use a public toilet and there again is no soap. You might think me a bit prudish, but after 5 years in Spain, that does account for quite a few occasions. And then by leaving my little soap, the next users of the toilet can wash their hands properly as well.

And then the peeing on the toilet seat. That is IF there is a toilet seat. In the more rural areas I have often come across toilets without any seats? Why? I mean, isn't that a sure way of assuring that you get piss all over the place? And with nothing to hold on to, you do get some quite acrobatic manouvers going.

But what annoys me the most is why people cant just put toilet paper on the seat rather than hovering over it, effectively overpissing it and ruining it for the rest of us? Why do these detergent loving women forget all about cleanliness when they are on public toilets?
Could it be that they are so sick of spending so much time cleaning, that they are determined to get even when it for once is not themselves who have to clean afterwards?
It really beats me. But do let me know if you know the answer to this oh so great mystery of Spanish women, toilets and detergents.