Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A mudbath is a kind of bath or what?

Guess what my dog managed to find in the Spanish countryside? A mudhole. Happily she ploughed her head through it, rolled it and ran through it.

You can't keep a Labrador out of water! (Or mud it seems)

Yesterday both of my dogs were with a dogsitter all day for the first time. A young woman based in Marbella looked after them, and it all seems to have gone fine. She wasn't too put of by how boisterous they can be.
We had to call the petsitter in the middle of the day to check that everything was going fine, how's that for worried parents!

The reason they were being looked after is that we are going away next week without them, so we wanted them to have a prober introduction to the dogsitter in Spain before being left with her for several days.
So in the weekend they are going to have a sleep over as well...just so it's not too scary when they are there for longer.

What can I say? I like my doggies.


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