Friday, January 27, 2006

You know you have been to Marbella when...

You know you have been to Marbella when you have seen the weird saxophone playing dude with the white beads in his plated hair. He often wears a white suit, but I have also seen him in the attire that I spotted him in today on a previous ocasion.

I had forgotten about him, but the it all came back to me the other day when I was in Marbella. I spotted him on the Avenida del Mar and lucky me, he was wearing his kinda wrestler outfit. I guess that is what you might call it. It consists of an all in one body thing made out of shiny lycra wit a top like cycling pants and a top with too long straps thereby revealing far too much of the upper body including his nipples and most of his chest. And let me enlighten you. We are not talking about a fit young body you might want to see that scantily clad. Trust me, it was quite scary.

In amazement and shock I did a good old double take followed by the stare. Unfortunately I think he caught me checking him out and mistook my intentions, as the next time I turned around to have a bit more of a stare he caught my eyes again.
I left mortified that he might have enterpreted my entensions as amorous.

Same same... but different

You can travel across the globe, visit foreign cultures, learn other languages. But some things remain the same no matter where you are in the world, leaving you feeling safe and well....bored.

The sun always rises in the east, babies cry and, unfortunately, people force you to watch their tedious long un-edited holiday videos, blissfully unaware of how extremely boring it is.

And this is what happened to me. I was with a friend who was commenting on the dark tan of one of my neighbours. Mistake number one. It turns out that she has just returned from a holiday at a resort with her husband and son. And their video camera. Need I say more?

Friend and I then got marched to neighbours house who got husband involved, as one do when needing someone to deal with the technical side of things..., and sat us down for the show.

First we had to see pool at the resort. For 10 minutes. In all angles. And I'm sorry to say that one pools does look like the next and its only really fun if you were there in person.

Enter mistake number 2. We answer yes to the question of whether or not we would like a cup of coffee. Said coffee takes about 15 minutes to produce, all the while we get to see even more shots of our middleaged neighbours in their swimming costumes enjoying the the buffet, the pool, the terrace, the get the picture.

I think the only really entertaining bit was when husband was being told to find the water polo sequence. After some fast forwarding, he managed to find it. We watched boring water aerobics, and camera then drifted to their overweight kid playing with another kid in the pool, who happend to have a mum who was topless. The son left the picture, but oddly enough the camera lingered on the other kids topless mum. And stayed there...

After a while the dad seemed to notice and hurriedly started fast-forwarding, with some comic fast movements of topless mum followed by even more scantily clad women. He did seem a bit embaressed, and we managed to escape after that.

All this just goes to show that even though Spain in so many ways seems like very different country, there are a lot of similarieties, even if they are of the more tedious kind as in this case.